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1 week ago
Insufficient vitamin D increases risk of severe COVID-19, says new study

Vitamin D has long been understood to impact immune response.

1 week ago

We are proud to announce that our Director & Chair of International Programs received the appreciation Letter of Recognition as CORONA WARRIOR to honor and value contribution and dedicated services to adapt and keep serving International Students and Global Partners during with the COVID19.

We congratulate Dr. Saavedra and his Team at the Division of International Programs of Azteca University
This recognition was offered by Dr. Varun Gupta, in the capacity of National Advisor Secretary- National Human Rights Organization (NHRO- a trust registered by Govt. of India and working under the ... See more

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Division of International Programmes
Dr. Ricardo Saavedra, CNC, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Director & Chair International Inter-University Programmes
Palma No. 61, Barrio San Antonio Chalco, Edo. De México. CP. 56600
Tel: + 52 55 5986-3050
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+52 55 6048-8766