You can have the luxury of having Dr. as your title.

Your analytical skills will sky rocket, you will learn to sharpen your analytical skills, and will then be able to apply these skills to subsequent ventures.

You will be a recognized expert in your field, and you will have a fully accredited PhD Degree to prove it.

Doctoral Degree is the highest degree that students can achieve. If you strive for greatness, and nothing short of being the best will do, a PhD, DBA, D.Ed. D.Sc. or D.Litt. will definitely fulfill your intellectual satisfaction.

Doctoral education has become of paramount significance in a world where knowledge is the new ‘fuel’, the ultimate economic renewable to economic growth leading to a knowledge-based economy.

PhD experience is perceived as adding value in distinguishing oneself from colleagues

The social impact for the Master and Doctoral holders could be understood in three ways:

  • Development of social skills (communication, presentation).
  • Accessing professional networks and building personal, relationships and social recognition.
  • In some social circles, a PhD is considered as an advantage; let’s say as social status, highlighting personal development, such as maturity and independence.
  • A Master and Doctoral Degrees might allow you to be your own boss. You can have your own business and run your own research program.
  • You can write grants based on your ideas and submit them to national funding agencies.
  • Public benefits of attending college include increased tax revenues, greater workplace productivity, increased consumption, increased workforce flexibility, and decreased reliance on government financial support (Institute for Higher Education Policy, 1998).
  • You can travel to scientific meetings all over the world to present your results.
  • You can be the main author on papers that appear in prestigious journals.
  • You can teach and train students at the undergraduate and graduate level and postdoctoral fellows.
  • You have the opportunity to travel both nationally and internationally to attend meetings, present your research, and collaborate with other scholars.


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IOU Foundation and its consortium partners Universidad Azteca -Azteca University-, International Programs and Universidad Central de Nicaragua are proud to share that the Prime Minister of India, Honorable Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated 'Patrika Gate' constructed by Patrika Group and launched two books - Samvad Upanishad and Akshar Yatra - authored by our dual degree PhD alumnus Dr. Gulab kothari, an eminent editor-in-chief of Rajasthan Patrika Group.

IOUF/UCN/Azteca University applauds the socially significant and outstanding work of our graduates. Thank you, Dr. Gulab Kothari ... See more

3 days ago

September 16
Celebrating Mexican independence
In 1825, the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria declared September 16 as a national party, nevertheless, president Porfirio Díaz changed the date and established that Mexico's Independence Day would be celebrated on September 16.

5 days ago

Every problem is a teacher from the University of Life... At AZTECA UNIVERSITY I learned how to achieve my professional goals.


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