The highest level of education a student can receive is a doctoral degree. These advanced degrees indicate that the recipient has in-depth knowledge and mastery of their particular area of study, and they’re relatively rare, don’t expect this level of education to become as common as bachelor’s degrees or even master’s degrees.

A doctoral degree may not be for everyone, as it entails a rigorous program that can take years to complete. Those who pursue this elite credential must have a love of learning and a strong desire to take their education to the very highest level.

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Management

Specializations (Available)

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Business Administration

Specializations (Available)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Specializations (Available)

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Economics

Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy in International Law (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Social Science

Doctor of Education (D.Ed.)

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Environmental Science

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Health Sciences 

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Alternative & Natural Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Public Health

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy, (PhD) in Computer Sciences


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5 days ago

Coming Book named:


By Dr. P.K. Paul, Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha and Dr. Ricardo Saavedra

from New Delhi Publisher, New Delhi, India

Coauthoring by:

- Dr. Ricardo Saavedra, Director & Chair International Programs at Azteca University (UNIVERSIDAD AZTECA) Mexico
- Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha, Pro Vice Chancellor (Asia), Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga, Oceania
- Dr. P.K. Paul, Executive Director, MCIS & Asst. Prof. (CIS), Information Scientist (Offg.), Raiganj Universty, West Bengal, India

2 weeks ago

Among our favorite quotes is this one from three-time Super Bowl champion, Charles Mann.