Graduation and Commencement.

What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement at Azteca University?

Commencement Ceremony

Commencement is often referred to as «graduation,» but it is different. The commencement ceremony is just that, a CEREMONY. It is a celebration for students projected to successfully complete all Degree requirements by the end of the academic process.  Students completing their requirements by would be able to participate at the Commencement  Ceremony. We usually have Commencement Ceremonies at Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Africa and Europe.

In some cases students receive the Symbolic Degree Diploma, because sometimes Degree Diploma requires Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization or Apostille during the process.

Graduation (or Degree Completion)

This refers to the term in which students have officially and successfully completed all Degree requirements (completion). We have four (4) Graduations or Degree Completion on January, April, July and October.

Student must complete the graduation application (link found at right) and indicate the semester your requirements will be complete.

Students can graduate at any of the above dates, but there is only one Commencement Ceremony at year at main Campus.  It is recommended you meet with your Affiliated Center or Brach Campus during your last semester to ensure all graduation requirements are met.

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